Welcome to Our Training Programs!

DPR Realty has three different programs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right one for you!

Our Career Agent Development (CADC) is a full-time training program consisting of one-on-one mentoring and an Executive Group with lots of workshops and Open Houses. It’s an excellent way for full-time Agents looking for a full-time training program to take their career to the executive level.


The Commercial Community is a program that teaches how to handle commercial deals like an expert.  It makes the commercial side of real estate simple and can add many zeros to your commission checks.  This program is entirely online and has fantastic incentives like an All Included Vacation in an exotic location!  Every Agent can be a Commercial Agent with the Commercial Community.


Success Coaching is an “On Demand,” train-as-you-need-it option. It’s perfect for Agents who occasionally need help with specific questions, contract phrasing, or if they just need some advice on the go.  Success Coaching is Training Catered to YOUR Success and an excellent program for New Agents and Experienced Agents alike.

Matt Deuitch, Designated Broker   Realtor